To enable distributed send emails, you should first integrate Blue State Digital with your Mobilize account by following these instructions:

Information Mobilize needs for the integration:

  1. BSD API secret 
  3. Creator cons ID
  4. The base url of your BSD instance (including https://)
  5. The BSD event type ID for each of the following (make sure your event types allow for multiple shifts and multiple dates in BSD)
  6. Canvass, Phone Bank, Text Bank, Meeting, Community Event, Fundraiser, Meet-and-Greet, House Party, Voter Registration, Training, Friend-to-Friend Outreach, Other

How the integration works:

  1. Once the integration is set up, users will see a Sync to BSD option in the exports section of the dashboard
  2. Click the Sync to BSD button to update all Mobilize events to current information
  3. The Mobilize signup link is in the description field on the event in BSD (and only contains the link)

***Note: we don't sync signups to BSD***

  1. From here, you can proceed with distributed send emails
  2. All signups will show up in Mobilize and VAN

***If the event you are trying to sync includes shifts on multiple days, you will need to contact BSD to turn on this function***

If you are need help finding this information see this article on integrations from Blue State Digital:

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