Facebook is a powerful tool in the era of digital organizing, and if you know some quick tricks it can help you recruit volunteers to your events. 

Step 1: Create a Business Manager page for your organization or campaign's grassroots profile. Click here to get started.

Step 2. Locate your ID: Open your ad manager and click the tab that says business manager in the top left corner, next to the Facebook icon.

Clicking on the business manager tab will reveal this menu. 

Under "Measure and Report" you will see a link titled "pixels." Click this link and your pixel ID will be visible on the left side. Copy your Pixel ID to your clipboard.

Step 3. Paste your ID in your MobilizeAmerica settings: Open a new tab, and log in to your MobilizeAmerica Dashboard. Navigate to the settings tab, then scroll all the way to the bottom where you will see the "Analytics" menu. Paste your ID in the Facebook pixel ID box. This will allow Facebook to begin collecting data on visitors to your events feed.

Step 4. Create an Ad and Recruit Volunteers: To create a Facebook ad, go back to your Facebook business page and click the menu in the top left corner, next to the Facebook icon. Click "ads manager" under "create and manage."

On your ads manager, go to the tab called "ads" and click "create" in the left corner.

A window will pop-up asking if you want to create a template or create a new campaign. For now, click "create new campaign." Facebook will then ask what your objective is. Type in whatever objective you choose. For tutorial purposes, we'll click lead generation.  

Beneath that, title your campaign and hit continue. 

On the next page create a name for your "Ad Set" (this is to help you find specific insights on your ads with the new audience you create).  Make sure that your ad is set to promote on the correct page, then customize your audience.
 Under the "Create New" audience tab, you can select one or more categories including "Page Views" and "Event Sign-Ups."

From there, you can further customize by age, location, or any other relevant categories, set your budget, and launch your advertisement. Click here for a more detailed guide to ad creation. 

Now when people, who have viewed your page or signed up for an event on your feed, are scrolling through their Facebook pages, they will see your advertisement.

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