Mobilize offers three different exports:

  • Shift Exports - data related to Event shifts
  • Volunteer Exports - data related to volunteers
  • Signups Exports (Located within an Event) - data related to a specific event's signups

Here's the information you'll get from each:

Shift Exports

  • Volunteer Name, Email, Phone, Zip Code, Event Signup, Event Status, Event Type, Affiliated Organization

**NOTE: If a volunteer is from another organization, they are considered an affiliated participation, so some of their personal information might not be included in the Shift Export. You will have to get this information from their affiliated organization.**

Volunteer Exports

  • Name, Email, Phone, Zip Code

Signups Export

  • Name, Email, Phone, Zip, Event Name, Event Type, Event Shift Time, Signup Status (Registered, Cancelled, etc.)

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