A virtual event gives your supporters the flexibility to take action from anywhere, and can be particularly useful for engaging a broader spectrum of supporters (e.g. national for state/local races), supporters who lack access to reliable transportation and/or are homebound, or busy supporters who want to volunteer on their own schedule.


Create a new virtual event in either fixed or flexible timing

Use flexible timing to set a longer shift time (e.g. 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) and volunteers will be able to immediately make calls, or opt to choose any time between 9am to 9pm on a future date if they can't take action now.

Use fixed timing to set specific shift times

From there fill out the event details as normal, using VAN event types that you have set up, to choose Phone Bank, Text Bank, Friend-to-Friend Outreach, or Other.

Use the URL field, located under the Contact information, to indicate where you would like volunteers to take action.

In this case it could be a link to a VPB, Hustle/Relay text bank, Voter Circle campaign, or even to a Google Doc with instructions you have so volunteers can act instantly.

Below the URL you can edit the language you want to be displayed on the button volunteers will use to take action.

Finally, the shift selector will allow you to set the duration of your event as well as set specific days of the week you want the event to repeat on.

Once you complete the required fields, the amount of shifts that are available will populate between the start date and end date.

NOTE: On the Public Events side, a flexible event with a current shift will have an “Act Now” or “Pick a Time” button.

  • If the user visits the event page outside of the hours defined for the shift (e.g. after 9pm) they will not be shown the 'Act Now' button and only 'pick a time'.

What will this look like in VAN?

  • You can view the exact time a volunteer chose to 'Act Now' as the override start time on their shift record.

Updated Automatic Confirmations for Virtual Events:


  • If volunteers chose to act later for a flexible timing virtual event, they will get an email and SMS 1 hour before the time they chose with the link to the virtual action.
  • If you edit the event and change the link to the virtual action, the volunteer will receive the most updated link in the reminder.
  • Volunteers will only receive the link to the confirmation page in an email 1 day before their shift.
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