Using an integration between BSD in MobilizeAmerica allows you to perform distributed sends, where the closest Mobilize event is populated in the email based on the email recipient's zip code. This is a great option for national organizations who want to recruit volunteers for events closest to them.

What’s needed from BSD?


2.BSD API secret

Both the API ID and secret can be found by selecting “Advanced configuration” from the main dropdown, then choosing “New API user” or copying and pasting them from an existing MobilizeAmerica user. You would then need to assign all permissions under api_event_frontend and api_event.

3. Creator cons id
 (A constituent ID you want to use as the creator of your events. This is not tied to the event in Mobilize, but is needed as a data point for its creation. Any valid constituent ID will work. You can find ID through the Constituent Search tool, on the results page of a search)

4. Sync promoted events
(It's optional to sync events the corresponding organization has promoted. Let us know yes/no if you'd like this to be enabled)

5. The base url of your BSD instance (this would be the URL you access your BSD Tools through)

6. The BSD event type ID for each of the following (make sure your event types allow for multiple shifts and multiple dates in BSD -- This is an "Advanced" setting. If it is not visible, you will need to submit a request to Blue State Digital Help to enable it.):


Phone Bank

Text Bank


Community Event



House Party

Voter Registration


Friend-to-Friend Outreach


The event type id can be found by clicking to edit the event type in BSD (Quick Links: Events Search -> Event types). The id will then appear at the end of the URL. e.g.

The Mobilize signup link is in the description field on the event in BSD (and only contains the link). Please note that Mobilize does not sync signups to BSD. From here, you can proceed with distributed send emails. All signups will show up in Mobilize and VAN.

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