When an event is deleted in Mobilize, this is what happens in Mobilize, VAN, and to your Volunteers.

In Mobilize: 

  •  The event will no longer exist in Mobilize, but if you sync with VAN then the event will remain listed there

In VAN: 

  • The deleted event will be marked as {Cancelled}
  • Shifts in the deleted Mobilize event will be marked as {Declined}
  • If you wish to remove the event entirely from VAN, you must manually delete the cancelled event after deleting it in Mobilize

Scheduled Volunteers

  • Will receive a cancellation email from Mobilize

If you are not using VAN, deleting in Mobilize will delete the event permanently.

**NOTE: If you are an Organizer and your event is gone, it's possible that an Admin on your dashboard deleted your event, so make sure to check in with an Admin on your team.**

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